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FLAGS Fabric

2015 Photography series FLAGS Fabric consists of five large-format photographs of small handmade flags fabricated in the last days of World War II in Berlin. The historic flags were photographed in high resolution to render visible material characteristics, threads, damages, revealing how history inscribed itself into the fabric. EXHIBITION VIEWS DELPHI Essentials, ACE Gallery Los …

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Lost Circuit

2012 Installation Old easel, canvas 50 x 60 cm, two slide projectors, cross fade unit, 160 slides, two mirror pedestals, red curtain, macro lighting system A red curtain behind an easel that holds a white canvas. A macro lighting system illuminates paint stains on the wood of the easel. Two slide projectors on mirror pedestals …

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The Study

The Study (After Dürer)2012. Photograph Photographic print on canvas, historic frame, 40 x 60 cm A preserved bird (Coracias garrulus or “blue roller”) on a pedestal with oil color spots on it. The work references Albrecht Dürer‘s watercolor painting of the wing of a blue roller. EXHIBITION VIEWS DELPHI Essentials, ACE Gallery Los Angeles, 2017


2009Split screen video installation HD video, sound: 16mm projector moving in space, 9:30 min A short absurd fairy tale with references to Lewis Caroll, Hans Richter, and George Lucas, taking place on a historic site of modernism, Oscar Niemeyer‘s headquarters of the Communist Party of France PCF in Paris. A young figure enters a futuristic …

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Chandelier FatMan

2004–2017 Light sculpture Crystal beads, chrome-plated and polished stainless steel, integrated lighting100 x 48 cm ∅ LittleBoy & FatMan are two light sculptures translating the essential form of the typical bourgeois status symbol into grand-scale home décor with the historic shapes of the ultimate nuclear destruction devices. EXHIBITION VIEWS Evolution, Andreas Binder Gallery Munich, 2022 …

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SHU (Blue Hour Lullaby) 2004/2008Video installationHD video, sound, 12:30 min A remote prison in the desert during the blue hour. The compound prepares for the night, the lights are gradually switched on. At the same time as the ground is illuminated, approaching aircraft lights appear in the evening sky, one after the other, slowly accumulating, …

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Double Eclipse

Double Eclipse (I) Buster Keaton‘s Eye – Blue & Yellow2008Inkjet print25 x 34 cm The photo collage shows two almost identical, consecutive film stills from the movie FILM (1965, written by Samuel Beckett, directed by Alan Schneider). EXHIBITION VIEWS DELPHI Essentials, ACE Gallery Los Angeles, 2017 Cine//Città, Andreas Binder Gallery Munich, 2013 Double Eclipse (I) …

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1994-2002Photographs Cibachrome on AluminumSize: 120 cm x 180 cm The theme of the photographs of the R-Series is the space between camera and artwork. EXHIBITED DELPHI Essentials, ACE Gallery Los Angeles, 2017 Andreas Binder Gallery, Munich, 1998 R-Series MD#4 (Marcel Duchamp) 1995 R-SERIES DJ#6 (Donald Judd), 1996 R-SERIES MM#1 (Mariko Mori), 2000 R-SERIES FM#1 (Francois …

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Corporate_Space LA

(after Claude Lelouch) 2003DV Digital Videoscreen, sound “16mm projector moving in space”12 min A slow car trip shown in a swaying tracking shot through the empty streets of corporate downtown Los Angeles on a foggy early Sundaymorning, from north to south and back again (in reference to Claude Lelouch’s film C’était un Rendez-Vous, 1976). EXHIBITION …

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