Split screen video installation

HD video, sound:
16mm projector moving in space, 9:30 min

A short absurd fairy tale with references to Lewis Caroll, Hans Richter, and George Lucas, taking place on a historic site of modernism, Oscar Niemeyer‘s headquarters of the Communist Party of France PCF in Paris. A young figure enters a futuristic building where in the
subterraneous assembly hall he encounters relics of the past and starts projecting the film Rhythmus 21 (1921) by Hans Richter.

Simultaneously on the roof of the building a hooded figure scans the premises’ structure while down below the white concrete overground dome of the hall transforms into the moon.

A short absurd fairy tale taking place on a historical site of modernism, with references to Lewis Caroll and George Lucas.

Thank you:
Gérard Fournier / PCF
Maurice Riviere
Alain Blottière
Pierre Reimer
FM (The White Rabbit) – ‘En souvenir de Marie-Louise Azéma, Jacqueline, Henri, Jean et Pierre Michaud’

Filmed at the headquarters of the PCF – Partie Communiste de France (architect: Oscar Niemeyer), Paris

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