Perfect Sculpture

Perfect Sculpture (Tasmanian Tiger)

Video installation

16mm film transferred to PAL video, no sound, 6 min, white sculpture pedestal, video projector inside

A film from the 1930s of the last Tasmanian tiger is projected in a movie theater. The projection is filmed by a moving 16mm camera crossing the auditorium on tracks from left to right.

The three-minute “Tasmanian Tiger” film is followed by three minutes of “absence” announcing and counting down the time for the next screening.


Camera: Frederik Walker
Camera Assistent: Sara Maria Marcus
Special FX: Reza Farahani

Matthias Groebel
Alexander Peterhaensel
Markus Unterfinger
Fabian Walker
Thanks to Marcel Odenbach, Jürgen Klauke

Filmed at Cinenova Köln 2001


Screen: Tiger

Screen: Typeface (countdown)

Installation View: Gallery Andreas Binder 2002

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