Mirror Painting Brushstroke


Painting series

The Mirror Paintings are a series of silver works based on the correlation of painting and space.

Lachenmann began this series of silver works investigating the basics and correlations of painting and space. In “Mirror Painting (Brushstroke)” and “Mirror Paintings (Squeegee)” masked motifs quote and translate the beginnings of the artistic process.

Simple ink drawings, photographed and transformed into vector-based digital files, are the basis for the stencils. In some drawings the ink was absorbed by the paper (Brushstroke), whereas in “Mirror Painting (Brushstroke on Wax Paper)” the wax paper rejected the liquid and kept the ink from getting absorbed by the underground, creating forms of contracting ephemeral space.

The “Mirror Paintings (X)” display a gestural interaction of two strokes, the typographic form of a placeholder, symbolizing the unknown, coming, or forbidden.

Mirror Painting Brushstroke

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